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Launch Resoto

Resoto allows you to manage and explore your cloud infrastructure via a web or shell interface.

Launching Resoto UI

Resoto UI is a user-friendly web interface that simplifies managing and exploring your cloud infrastructure.

The steps to launch Resoto UI depend on how you installed Resoto.

  1. The value of ResotoEKS.ResotoUI in Outputs is the URL for accessing Resoto UI. Copy the link into your browser.


    The SSL certificate is self-signed, but you can safely ignore any browser warnings.

  2. The UI requires a PSK token to authenticate. The value of ResotoEKS.ResotoPskSecret is the command to obtain this token. Copy the command and paste it into your terminal:

    $ kubectl get secrets resoto-psk -o jsonpath="{.data.psk}" | base64 -d
  3. Copy the outputted token and paste it into the PSK field of Resoto UI.

  4. Resoto UI will start and guide you through the configuration. If it is your first time starting Resoto UI, the setup wizard will appear and help you configure Resoto:

    Screenshot of Resoto UI setup wizard

Launching Resoto Shell

Resoto Shell is Resoto's command-line interface.

The steps to launch Resoto Shell depend on how you installed Resoto.

Execute the following in your terminal to access the Resoto Shell interface:

$ kubectl exec -it service/resoto-resotocore -- resh

Resoto Shell