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How to Update Resoto

We regularly release new versions of Resoto with bug fixes and new features, and recommend keeping your Resoto installation up to date.



  1. Log in to the AWS CloudFormation console.

  2. Click Stacks.

  3. Enter ResotoEKS into the search box, and click on the stack you would like to upgrade.

    ResotoEKS stack in AWS CloudFormation

  4. Click the Outputs tab.

  5. Enter ResotoEKSConfigCommand into the search box. There should be exactly one entry. Copy the value (aws eks ...).

    ResotoEKS stack outputs in AWS CloudFormation

  6. Open a terminal and execute the copied command.

    Screenshot of ResotoEKS config command in terminal

  7. List installed Helm charts:

    $ helm list
    ​resoto resoto resoto-0.7.4 3.3.1

    The APP VERSION column displays the currently installed version of Resoto.

  8. Add the Some Engineering Helm chart repository:

    $ helm repo add someengineering
  9. Update cached chart information:

    $ helm repo update
  10. Upgrade the resoto chart:

    $ helm upgrade resoto someengineering/resoto --atomic --reuse-values --set image.tag=edge

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