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How to Find AWS IAM password policy does not define proper minimum length


Password policies are used to enforce password complexity requirements. IAM password policies can be used to ensure password are comprised of different character sets. It is recommended that the password policy require minimum length of 14 or greater.


This security check is part of the CIS Amazon Web Services Benchmarks and is rated severity medium.


This guide assumes that you have already installed and configured Resoto to collect your AWS cloud resources.


  1. Execute the following search command in Resoto Shell or Resoto UI:

    > search is(aws_account) and minimum_password_length<14
    ​kind=aws_account, ..., region=resoto-poweruser
    ​kind=aws_account, ..., account=poweruser-team
  2. Pipe the search command into the dump command:

    > search is(aws_account) and minimum_password_length<14 | dump
    ​ id: /aws/iam/123
    ​ name: some-name
    ​ ctime: '2022-12-05T22:53:14Z'
    ​ kind: aws_account
    ​ age: 2mo28d

    The command output will list the details of all non-compliant aws_account resources.

  3. Fix detected issues by following the remediation steps:

    • Ensure "Minimum password length" is checked under "Password Policy".
    • Ensure the configured password length is 14 or higher.

    Please refer to the AWS IAM documentation for details.

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