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Clean Resources


Please act with caution when selecting and filtering resources for cleanup.

If you run search is(aws_ec2_volume) | clean, it marks all aws_ec2_volume resources in your cloud for deletion.

By default, Resoto Worker will not delete resources marked for deletion. Resources marked with | clean will stay this way without deleting them.

Resoto Worker will only delete marked resources when cleanup: true is configured. To enable cleanup, execute the following in Resoto Shell:

> config edit resoto.worker

Then, edit this section of the displayed configuration as follows:

# Enable cleanup of resources
cleanup: false
# Do not actually cleanup resources, just create log messages
cleanup_dry_run: true
# How many cleanup threads to run in parallel
cleanup_pool_size: 16

When started with cleanup enabled, marked resources will be cleaned whenever the collect_and_cleanup workflow runs (by default every full hour).

You can provide cleanup_dry_run: true to output the resources that would be deleted (without actually performing the deletion).

When doing a resource cleanup selection for the first time, it is good practice to confirm the list of selected resources for plausibility using something like search /desired.clean = true | count.

To quickly undo marking all aws_ec2_volumes for cleanup, use search is(aws_ec2_volume) | set_desired clean=false.

To remove clean markers from all resources, you can use search /desired.clean = true | set_desired clean=false.

Deletion of resources via Resoto is done in two phases:

Marking Resources for Deletion

Marking resources for deletion is very easy. Just pipe your matched resources to the clean command.

This will add desired.clean = true to all matched resources.

Optionally, you can provide a reason for marking the matched resources for the next cleanup run:

Mark all unused AWS EBS volume older than 30 days that had no IO in the past 7d
> search is(aws_ec2_volume) and volume_status = available and age > 30d and last_access > 7d and last_update > 7d | clean "older than 30d with more then 7d of not being used"

Pruning Resources Marked for Deletion

Resources in Resoto will only be deleted if you started a resotoworker with the cleanup: true config. If done so, there will be an automatic cleanup whenever the collect_and_cleanup workflow runs (by default every full hour).

Instant cleanup can alternatively be triggered via starting the corresponding workflow.

> workflow run cleanup