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Version: 3.5.1

How to Find Unused AWS IAM Credentials

To increase the security of your AWS account, remove IAM user credentials (that is, passwords and access keys) that are not needed. For example, when users leave your organization or no longer need AWS access.


This security check is part of the CIS Amazon Web Services Benchmarks and is rated severity medium.


This guide assumes that you have already installed and configured Resoto to collect your AWS resources.


  1. Execute the following search command in Resoto Shell or Resoto UI:

    > search is(aws_iam_user) and password_last_used<-45d
    ‚Äčkind=aws_iam_access_key, ..., region=resoto-poweruser
    ‚Äčkind=aws_iam_access_key, ..., account=poweruser-team
  2. Pipe the search command into the dump command:

    > search is(aws_iam_user) and password_last_used<-45d | dump
    ‚Äč id: /aws/iam/123
    ‚Äč name: some-name
    ‚Äč ctime: '2022-12-05T22:53:14Z'
    ‚Äč kind: aws_iam_access_key
    ‚Äč age: 2mo28d

    The command output will list the details of all non-compliant aws_iam_access_key resources.


  • From the IAM console: generate credential report.
  • Disable not required keys.

Please refer to the AWS IAM documentation for details.

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