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What's Changed



  • fb209b6 resotoshell Fix rich dependency
  • 6ffc7f4 docker Add cache version to cache key for easy invalidation (#810)
  • 3692fcf resotocore Fix rich dependency
  • 82e64d0 docker copy ArangoDB dump/restore client binaries (#806)
  • 81fc02d docker Add vi and nano to Docker images (#804)
  • b087485 resotolib Update TLS certificate files on disk after a certain time has passed (#803)
  • 5bbea70 plugins Rename protect_snowflakes -> protector and make plugins restart on enable (#794)
  • f70079a docker Allow docker-compose run resotoshell (#798)
  • 2e2e92f resotocore write ca bundle periodically to tmp (#797)
  • 7875cc5 resotocore No analytics in CI (#799)


  • 0282425 resoto Update rendering script docs (#796)
  • cdd3f5a resoto Add the instruction for the graph rendering script (#795)


  • e4aa797 resoto Bump 2.0.2
  • 2f1c040 resoto use version 2.0 as docker version in compose
  • 1763105 resoto Add documentation as release note section (#792)

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