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What's Changed


  • 062dd3f7 plugins/k8s Store LB backends when collecting ingress (#1617)
  • b04f19a2 aws Allow glob style service filters (#1631)
  • 66b77904 resotoshell Do not store passwords in shell history (#1625)
  • 107eb0ff gcp Add missing edges (#1621)
  • a9cb6df2 resotocore Send analytics event on action error (#1619)
  • 78f90a86 resotoworker Define home-directory files as dict (#1615)
  • b709ed10 plugins/digitalocean Fill in backends when collecting load balancers. (#1614)


  • 5df63e9d aws Make sure all services have service names (#1632)
  • a59420f0 aws AWS Artifacts are referenced by arn not name (#1630)
  • 7fa803f0 aws Detach Network interface before cleanup and correct LogGroup service (#1628)
  • 92ddae9e aws Log json if the resource can not be mapped (#1627)
  • 5c991d9d plugins/aws Find pricing partition index dynamically (#1626)
  • e2c3a399 plugins/aws Propagate partition to all client calls (#1624)
  • 0f210944 plugins/aws Set default region on all sessions (#1623)
  • 79cec0f4 plugins/aws Add support for non-default partitions (#1620)
  • 9584c1db resotocore Fix utc_str call during snapshot creation (#1622)


  • 22f2e1e8 resoto Bump 3.5.1 (#1618)
  • 710d60f3 resoto Remove anjafr from code owners (#1616)
  • 368c1cc2 resoto Use pyproject.toml instead of (#1613)
  • 592a8f7b ci Split optimize/format from build step (#1611)

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