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Perform a benchmark on a graph.



Perform a benchmark with the given identifier on a graph with a given identifier.


Path Parameters

    benchmark stringrequired

    The name of the benchmark to perform

    Example: aws_cis_1.5
    graph_id stringrequired

    The id of the graph to perform this operation.

    Example: resoto

Query Parameters

    accounts string

    Comma separated list of account ids to include in the benchmark. If no value is given, all accounts are included.

    Example: 123456789012,123456789013
    action string

    Possible values: [run, load]

    Default value: run

    The action to perform. You can either run (create) or load the benchmark. Loading the benchmark requires, that a benchmark has been synchronized to the database before. In case the resources haven't changed since the last synchronization, the result is the same, but the load action is much faster.


The checks result.

  • Array [
  • oneOf
    id string

    The identifier of this node.

    type string
    reported object
    kind string

    The kind of this node.

    property name* any
    desired object
    property name* any
    metadata object
    property name* any
  • ]

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