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Harness the
power of reactive

Improve visibility, control, cost, and compliance in your cloud with Resoto

Resoto is an infrastructure control plane that continuously monitors and maintains your cloud resources.

Resoto CloudScope:
Effortless Resource Discovery

CloudScope simplifies cloud resource management by providing advanced search capabilities to locate resources.

CloudScope streamlines resource tracking and management by removing the need to navigate cloud provider web consoles where resources may span multiple accounts.

Resoto TagGuard:
Automated Tag Enforcement

TagGuard automates tagging policy enforcement to ensure consistent and accurate tagging based on your organization’s specific requirements.

Resoto Sentinel:
Continuous Security Monitoring

Sentinel continously monitors your cloud resources for security issues, so you can quickly address potential threats to your cloud infrastructure.

Sentinel ensures that your cloud infrastructure adheres to security standards and best practices.

Resoto MetricMate:
Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring

MetricMate tracks infrastructure metrics and cloud resource cost data.

MetricMate exports data to popular database systems and offers APIs for custom low-code dashboards. management.

Resoto Defrag:
Automated Resource Cleanup

Defrag automates cloud resource cleanup to help organizations reduce cloud costs and maintain tidy cloud infrastructures.

Customizable cleanup policies delete resources based on your organization’s requirements and reduce the risk of overprovisioning and quota overages.

Resoto SpentWise:
Cloud Spending Insights

SpentWise offers near-real-time visibility into cloud costs and usage, so you can identify spikes in usage and track trends over time.

With detailed metrics and custom alerts, make informed decisions about your cloud resources and take immediate action when unexpected costs arise.

Resoto ChronoLog:
Your Cloud Infrastructure Changelog

ChronoLog provides a comprehensive changelog of your cloud resources.

Review the history and lifecycle of any cloud resource, from its creation time to when it is cleaned up.

Resoto DataLink:
Infrastructure Data Sync

DataLink exports cloud asset inventory data to your favorite database or cloud data warehouse.

Integrate with tools like Tableau, Grafana, or Metabase to unlock insights and make informed decisions about your cloud infrastructure.

Resoto Inventory:
Cloud Asset Inventory Made Easy

Inventory maintains an asset inventory of your cloud infrastructure.

Inventory makes it easy to find specific resources or groups of resources, even in large and complex cloud environments.

You can also export inventory data to a variety of formats, including JSON, CSV, and SQL.

Resoto Notify:
Cloud Infrastructure Alerts

Notify automates alerts and incident responses for changes to your cloud infrastructure.

Notify integrates with tools like Alertmanager and PagerDuty, and can create Jira tickets or send data to custom HTTP endpoints, so your team can respond quickly to any incident.

Resoto Rewind:
Cloud Infrasturcture Snapshots

Rewind takes snapshots of your cloud infrastructure, so you can track changes over time.

Rewind aids in understanding infrastructure evolution, identifying potential issues, and making informed decisions about capacity planning and policy adherence.

Resoto Resolve:
Automated Infrastructure Remediation

Resolve automatically addresses issues in your cloud infrastructure based on custom policies that trigger actions based on organizational requirements.

Improve resource efficiency and reduce costs by incorporating tagging, cleanup, and cloud API actions.

Resoto InfraSDK:
Custom Cloud Management Solutions

InfraSDK empowers you to extend or customize Resoto’s functionality.

InfraSDK is built with Python and supports popular data manipulation libraries like Pandas DataFrames and frameworks like Streamlit, empowering you to create tailored dashboards, reports, and visualizations.

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