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Resoto by Some Engineering Inc.

Metric generation and visual exploration


Create an inventory of your cloud, get deep visibility, and react to changes in your infrastructure.

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Resoto is a meta layer on top of your infrastructure, with support for…

Leverage for Cloud Engineers

Resoto puts infrastructure data at your fingertips.

Understand who is running what, answer questions about your infrastructure, and ensure efficiency at scale without slowing down development.

  • Search

    Write ad-hoc queries with full-text metadata search across all your cloud accounts using the command-line interface.

  • Report

    Turn your searches into regular reports with fleet-wide, actionable metrics that you can export to popular tools and share with colleagues in Product or Finance.

  • Automate

    Automate your work with jobs that execute recurring tasks, such as identifying and cleaning up orphaned resources and enforcing tag structures.

Take Control

Build infrastructure that moves your company forward.

Resoto collects resource metadata and stores that data in a directed graph. You get visibility into resources in different clouds, organizations, regions, sub-accounts, etc.—all from a single place.

  • Ship More

    Resoto runs in the background and automates the grunt work of infrastructure maintenance, so you can spend your time building features that help developers ship more product.

  • Spend Less

    Resoto reverses your cost curve by finding and cleaning up orphaned resources. Resoto also alerts you about expensive resources when they are deployed, so there are no surprises in your cloud bill.

  • Stay Secure

    Resoto provides a “God View” of asset changes and policy violations across all of your clouds, projects, and accounts.

Why Resoto?

Know what’s running in your cloud, or it will cost you.

Resoto allows you to give your engineers liberal permissions without losing control of your cloud infrastructure.

Say Goodbye to Busywork

It’s time to automate your infrastructure tasks.

Resoto is open source and completely free to use, with out-of-the-box support for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, and Kubernetes.

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