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Resoto DataLink:
Infrastructure Data Sync

Export cloud asset inventory data to data lakes and warehouses

DataLink exports your asset inventory data to your favorite database or cloud data warehouse.

View your infrastructure data in tools like Tableau, Grafana, or Metabase.

DataLink supports a wide range of export destinations, including:
SQLite files, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, Snowflake cloud data warehousing platform, and CSV or Parquet columnar structure files.

DataLink gives you the flexibility to choose the tools that work best for your organization or team.

Use exported data to generate reports, build custom dashboards, or perform complex analytics.

Whether you want to export your asset inventory data to a SQL database or a cloud data warehouse, DataLink makes it easy to connect your Resoto data with existing data infrastructure.

Unlock New Insights About Your Infrastructure

Integrate Resoto’s cloud asset inventory data into your existing data infrastructure.

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