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Resoto MetricMate:
Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring

Track infrastructure metrics to optimize performance and cost

MetricMate monitors and exports cloud resource infrastructure metrics.

Stay informed about your cloud infrastructure’s health to facilitate identification of issues and opportunities for improvement.

Integrate with popular database systems and build custom dashboards.

MetricMate exports metrics to Prometheus, Datadog, or SQL databases.

MetricMate also seamlessly integrates your data into frameworks like Streamlit and Plotly Dash, empowering you to build custom, low-code infrastructure dashboards.

Track cloud spending and identify cost savings opportunities.

MetricMate goes beyond metrics—it also provides cloud resource cost data. Keep a close eye on your cloud spending to ensure that you stay within your budget.

Identify Infrastructure Trends and Patterns

MetricMate empowers you to take control and make informed decisions for capacity planning and optimization.

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