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Resoto Defrag:
Automated Resource Cleanup

Keep your cloud infrastructure neat and tidy with automatic, rule-based cleanup and expiration tagging

Defrag finds and automatically cleans up unwanted cloud resources.

Define custom cleanup policies to delete resources based on your organization’s requirements.

For example, automatically delete resources that have been abandoned for more than a week—like load balancers without backend servers, or unmounted storage volumes without recent I/O activity.

Tag resources with expiration dates.

Set a specific date or time period after which a resource will be automatically deleted.

For example, tag temporary development instances with an expiration of 24 hours—and never worry again about forgetting to clean them up.

Reduce cloud costs by deleting resources that are no longer needed.

Find and clean up resources created during failed CI runs or IaC deployments.

This can be especially useful in development and sandbox environments, where resources are created and deleted frequently.

Keep Your Infrastructure Neat and Tidy

Automate your cloud resource cleanup process to reduce the risk of overprovisioning and exceeding your cloud provider’s quota limits.

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