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Version: 3.9.0

Resource Expiration

Resoto calculates the expiration time of a resource based on its expiration tag and stores the result as the value of the metadata.expires property.

Cleanup can be performed manually in Resoto Shell, automatically using the cleanup_expired plugin, or via a scheduled job.

Supported Expiration Tags

A resource's expiration time can be defined either with an ISO 8601 timestamp or time delta:

Tag NameDescriptionExample
resoto:expiresISO 8601 timestamp2022-09-21T10:40:11+00:00
resoto:expiration or expirationTime delta from resource creation time24h

Time deltas can be specified in the following units:

yearsyear, yr, y
monthsmonth, mo, M
daysday, d
weeksweek, w
hourshour, h
minutesminute, min, m
secondssecond, s

Spaces within time delta strings are optional (e.g., 7d4h and 7 days 4 hours are equivalent).

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