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Comparing Resoto to Other Solutions

Resoto is an open-source infrastructure operations platform for cloud engineers, site reliability engineers, security teams, and cloud finance professionals.

Resoto consists of two layers:

  1. A data integration layer that consolidates metadata from cloud resources into a single inventory. It's an ETL process that extracts configuration data from cloud APIs and loads it into a graph database.

  2. A governance layer that scans the inventory, generates metrics and detects changes to resources. Change, in particular undesired change, can trigger commands that perform configuration updates.

One of Resoto's unique attributes is the integration of these two layers into a single product. The data Resoto collects becomes input for governance checks and code performing configuration changes on resources.

Existing Solutions

There are existing solutions offered by cloud providers and independent software vendors that build an inventory of your cloud or perform the same tasks as Resoto.

Resoto can be used alongside or as a replacement for these solutions.

Comparison Categories

Common categories for Resoto use cases include:

  • Cloud asset discovery
  • Cloud asset inventory
  • Cloud configuration management database (cloud CMDB)
  • Cloud asset management
  • Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Cloud management tooling (CMT)
  • Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM)
  • Security automation, orchestration, and response (SOAR)
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC)
  • FinOps

While coverage of these use cases through a single tool may seem overly broad, it's a result of Resoto's architecture.

Our approach is to build a horizontal data layer with clean, tested, and documented infrastructure data.

Resoto prioritizes exploration, flexibility, and extensibility over siloed use cases. Resoto commands are written in code. Users can write Resoto code tailored to their exact needs.

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