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Resoto vs. Gruntwork cloud-nuke

Resoto can be used as an alternative to Gruntwork's cloud-nuke.

cloud-nuke is an open-source CLI tool that finds and deletes AWS resources.

Similarities Between Resoto and cloud-nuke

With both Resoto and cloud-nuke, you can:

  • Inspect AWS resources
  • Delete AWS resources
  • Exclude AWS resources from deletion

Differences Between Resoto and cloud-nuke

Gruntwork specializes in AWS infrastructure, so cloud-nuke only supports AWS.

Resoto, on the other hand, also supports other cloud providers (including AWS and DigitalOcean) and Kubernetes.

Resource CoverageSupports over 200 AWS resource types and all AWS regions.Supports about 50 AWS resource types.
Full-Text SearchCreates an inventory of discovered resources and offers full-text search as an easy way to explore your cloud inventory.Lacks search capabilities.
DiscoveryDiscovers resources and creates full snapshots of your asset inventory with resource metadata.Creates a simple list of detected resources without resource metadata or configuration data.
CleanupPerforms dependency-aware resource cleanup, deleting resources in the required order based on delete dependencies.Attempts to remove dependent sub-resources for VPCs. Lacks support for non-VPC delete dependencies.
SyntaxOffers intuitive commands and first-class support for automations.Requires tedious authoring of scripts and editing of configuration files to customize cleanup actions.
PerformanceSeparates data ingest, transformations, storage, and queries for a scalable approach to analyzing infrastructure.Completes resource analysis and cleanup in an ephemeral environment.

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