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Resoto vs. AWS Nuke

Resoto can be used as an alternative to AWS Nuke.

Unlike its name may suggest, AWS Nuke is not a native AWS service. AWS Nuke is maintained by Rebuy, an e-commerce company that provides personalized shopping experiences for Shopify stores.

Similarities Between Resoto and AWS Nuke

With both Resoto and AWS Nuke, you can:

Both Resoto and AWS Nuke are open source.

Differences Between Resoto and AWS Nuke

AWS Nuke was built for managing AWS resources, and addresses a single use case only: deleting AWS resources for cost savings.

Resoto, on the other hand, also supports Kubernetes and other cloud providers (including Google Cloud and DigitalOcean). In addition, Resoto offers capabilities beyond resource cleanup.

ResotoAWS Nuke
DiscoveryDiscovers resources and visualizes the "blast radius" of deleting a resource.Does not offer resource discovery or inspection.

Can only delete resources listed in the AWS Nuke configuration file.
CleanupPerforms dependency-aware resource cleanup, deleting resources in the required order based on delete dependencies.Performs "brute force" deletion of resources without regard for dependencies, which can lead to errors.

Leaves behind orphaned resources that may require AWS support to delete.
Data ModelUses a unified data model for all platforms and resources.

Unifying base properties and common abstractions allows you to search, sort, aggregate, and act on a higher level of abstraction and query resources across clouds.
Properties (e.g., resource age) are not represented consistently across resources.

Only supports filtering by ARNs.
AutomationOffers commands and jobs to automate resource management and/or remediation.

Can be used to write custom code and rules for any resource.
Runs a single time. Does not offer scheduling or job functionality.

Requires custom scripts to generate configuration files targeting specific resources and/or resource groups.

Can timeout when scheduled using AWS services (e.g., AWS Lambda has a maximum execution time of 15 minutes).
Multi-AccountCleans up resources in any number of accounts in a single run.Does not offer multi-account support.
PerformanceSeparates data ingest, transformations, storage, and queries for a scalable approach to analyzing infrastructure.Does not allow for resource analysis independent of delete runs.

Requires multiple, time-consuming passes to find resources to delete.

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