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Resoto Logos and Usage

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If possible, the full logo that includes the product name should be used.

The logo has a ratio of 1:3.5 including the outside padding. The sheep head has a ratio of 1:1 with the sheep‘s face centered in this area.

On dark or medium backgrounds, the default logo variant should be used. On light backgrounds, the variant with darker purple typography should be used. On medium-value (gray) or colorful backgrounds, the text color may be altered to either white or black.


The logo has different variants for screen and print sizes. Use the largest variant that is suitable for each use case.

Use the single-color or inverted single-color variants where the use of color is not permitted.

Clear Space

Maintain a margin of one "center to pupil edge" around the logo.

When using a variant without text, use a square box with the sheep‘s face centered within the area.

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