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Resoto AWS CDK Construct

· 2 min read
Nikita Melkozerov
Some Engineer

We recently released the Resoto AWS CDK construct, which simplifies the deployment of Resoto to AWS.

The CDK construct pretty simple. All you need is a recent version of Node.js (we tested with 18.x.x) and Git. If you don't already have Node.js installed, we recommend using Node Version Manager (nvm).

Once you have Node.js and Git, you can deploy the Resoto CDK construct with just the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd resoto-cdk
$ npm ci
$ npm run cdk deploy

If this is your first CDK deployment, you will need to bootstrap your AWS account. You can do so with the following command:

$ npm run cdk bootstrap

It is also possible to customize the deployment by overriding the default CloudFormation parameter values:

$ npm run cdk deploy -- --parameters MngInstanceType=t3.large
ParameterDescriptionDefault Value
ResotoTagThe Resoto image tag to useLatest Resoto release version
MngMaxSizeThe maximum number of instances in the k8s managed node group3
MngMinSizeThe minimum number of instances in the k8s managed node group1
MngDesiredSizeThe desired number of instances in the k8s managed node group1
MngInstanceTypeThe instance type of the k8s managed node groupt3.large

We hope that the Resoto AWS CDK construct makes it easier to get started with Resoto!

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