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Resoto Infrastructure Apps

· 3 min read
Lukas Lösche
Some Engineer

Today, most organizations use tools like CDK, Terraform, or CloudFormation to create their infrastructure following IaC principles.

When it comes to maintaining these cloud resources over time, however, many still resort to an assortment of scripts to fulfill specific maintenance needs. Such scripts introduce inconsistencies across the organization.

Resoto provides quick access to your entire infrastructure inventory and lets you modify or clean up cloud resources. But up until now, you needed to write custom Python plugins to perform actions Resoto doesn't support out of the box.

We introduced a powerful new feature in Resoto 3.5: Infrastructure Apps.

Infrastructure Apps extend Resoto's base functionality, empowering you to perform custom tasks like fixing untagged resources, identifying abandoned load balancers, sending notifications to other systems, or calling webhooks.

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