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Measuring Open-Source Adoption

Lars Kamp
Some Engineer
Avi Press
Founder & CEO at Scarf

Historically, the distribution and usage of open-source projects have been challenging to measure. 📏

Understanding your user base is critical to product planning and development. However, open-source maintainers have resorted to inelegant tactics to gather data on their users—such as scraping GitHub user data, performing reverse IP lookups on website traffic, or simply hoping that users submit support requests.

Scarf aims to solve this problem with its Scarf Gateway and Documentation Insights. The Scarf Gateway provides distribution analytics for open-source software and helps maintainers connect with commercial users. Documentation Insights aid in understanding how users interact with project websites and documentation.

In this episode, Lars chats with Avi Press, Founder and CEO at Scarf. Avi shares how Scarf grew from a hobby project into a venture-funded startup, as well as his thoughts on the future of open-source business models.

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