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Version: 3.9.0

Get subscriber by id



Get the subscriber with a defined id.


Path Parameters

    subscriber_id stringrequired

    The identifier of the subscriber


The subscriber


    id string

    The identifier of this subscriber



    The dictionary of subscriptions, where the key is the message type

    property name*


    The definition of an action subscription

    message_type string

    The name of the action to listen to

    wait_for_completion boolean

    Default value: true

    If an action is sent to this subscriber, the event sender should wait until this subscriber has processed the message and send a done message. This is the expected behaviour of every actor and defaults to true.

    timeout number

    Default value: 60

    This is the duration in seconds this subscriber has time to execute the action. After this time the sender assumes a failure and rejects the result of this actor.


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