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Version: 3.9.0

Load time series data.



Load time series data.


Path Parameters

    timeseries stringrequired

    The name of the time series.


Parameters of the time series request.

    start date-time

    The start of the time series. If not defined 7 days from now into the past.

    end date-time

    The end of the time series. If not defined now.

    group string[]

    Reduce the available groups to the set of defined ones.

    filter string[]

    Filter available group members by predicate. Only time series values with matching group criteria will be selected.

    granularity duration

    The granularity of the time series. This can be either a duration or the number of items for the time window that is selected. The granularity can not go below one hour. It defaults to (end-start) / 20.


A required property is missing or the request can not be read.




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