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Version: 3.9.0

app run Command

The app run command runs an infrastructure app.


app run <app_name> [--dry-run] [--config <config_name>]


ParameterDescriptionRequired?Default Value
app_nameInfrastructure app name✔️


--dry-runPerform a dry run of the app *
--config <config_name>Config identifier **

* When using the --dry-run argument, the app will not be executed but the commands will be printed to the terminal.

** By default, Resoto passes the app a configuration that corresponds to the app name. (For example, when installing an app named foobar, Resoto creates a default config named resoto.apps.foobar.) If you would like to run the app with an alternative config, you can specify the config name using the --config argument.


Dry run an app
> app run --dry-run cleanup-untagged
search /metadata.protected == false and /metadata.phantom == false and /metadata.cleaned == false and is(["aws_ec2_instance", "aws_ec2_volume", "aws_vpc", "aws_cloudformation_stack", "aws_elb", "aws_alb", "aws_alb_target_group", "aws_eks_cluster", "aws_eks_nodegroup", "example_instance", "example_network"]) and not(has_key(tags, ["owner", "expiration"])) and ((/ == "aws" and / == "068564737731" and age > 7d) or (/ == "aws" and / == "575584959047" and age > 2h)) | clean "Missing one or more of required tags owner, expiration and age more than threshold"

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