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Version: 3.9.0

workflow history Command

The workflow history command shows the history of a workflow based on the filter criteria.

If no workflow ID is provided, the aggregated history of all workflows is returned.


workflow history [<id>] [--started-before <date>] [--started-after <date>] [--has-errors] [--limit <num>]


ParameterDescriptionRequired?Default Value
idWorkflow identifier


--started-before <date>Filter for workflow runs that started before this date.
--started-after <date>Filter for workflow runs that started after this date.
--has-errorsFilter for workflow runs that have errors.
--limit <num>Limit the number of workflow runs to show.


# show the history of all workflows
> workflows history
count: 264
last_run: '2022-11-04T12:33:32Z'
runs_with_errors: 1
average_duration: 18s
count: 3416
last_run: '2022-11-04T12:00:00Z'
runs_with_errors: 0
average_duration: 34s

# show the history of a specific workflow
> workflows history collect --started-after 2022-11-03 --started-before 2022-11-05 --has-errors --limit 10
id: 037f23c6-5c1b-11ed-bb8b-dad780437c53
task_started_at: '2022-11-04T08:31:01Z'
duration: 87.786464
errors: 19

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