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We are proud to announce the general availability of Resoto 2.0.0.

Resoto provides a single data source and search engine to explore infrastructure in a cloud-agnostic way. Resoto aggregates and exports user-defined infrastructure metrics, and automates recurring tasks. That ensures a sound infrastructure and leaves developers and SREs more time and headspace to do productive work.

Resoto currently supports the following cloud providers:


  • Flexible distributed system setup, which allows for small installations as well as a big enterprise scale infrastructure.
  • Graph-based data storage, that maintains all infrastructure resources, as well as all relationships between them.
  • Powerful search of your entire cloud metadata, no matter which service, account, or region.
  • Report infrastructure changes over time with out-of-the-box metrics, and aggregation of any data points for custom metrics.
  • Automate tedious tasks. Define rules for your infrastructure that are checked against existing resources, no matter how they were created. Rules are applied automatically whenever infrastructure changes.
  • Command line interface to interact with Resoto.
  • Ability to clean up your infrastructure in a user defined and reliable way.
  • Allow for manipulating tags.
  • API to interact with Resoto from your own code.

Please check out the Getting Started section of our documentation to give it a spin.

Installation Options

There are currently two installation options for Resoto: Docker and Kubernetes.

Docker Images


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