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What's Changed


  • 0b41df3e resotolib Add optional duration parsing (#1575)
  • 54030712 resotolib Use default graph section in searches (#1574)
  • 6f4d7d02 resotolib Allow encoding the certificate fingerprint into JWT (#1570)
  • 4e5d2305 resotocore Maintain a separate modeldb per graph (#1568)
  • a089c63d resotolib Add JWT and x509 functions to use PKI with JWTs (#1569)
  • 458eea53 resotocore Resoto Snapshots: support graph copy (#1559)


  • b750ca9e resotocore Pass and use adjusted context to rewrite (#1577)
  • c206ed22 resotocore job update had wrong arg signature (#1576)
  • 4480922c resotocore Make infra apps execute full lines not chunks (#1572)
  • 5aa1c826 resotocore Fix the model kind handling for legacy implementation (#1571)


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