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What's Changed


  • 8d462c68 resoto update the secret name
  • 38532da1 resoto update the workflow to always publish from a branch
  • e380b5c1 resoto update the dependencies in resoto-bundle


  • fb669cb0 resotocore Fix api test setup (#1192)
  • 04a0dbd5 digitalocean Fix the snapshots regions collection (#1194)


  • f74ed976 resoto bump 2.4.2
  • 7bd2252e ci Correct file path & link for release notes (#1211)
  • d1d0d668 ci Update path to helm chart yaml (#1210)
  • 461547be ci Update CI for versioned docs (#1164)
  • 459f8dde ci Fix release notes generator when no PR, bump helm-charts versions (#1148)
  • 655b4ff1 ci Handle reversed component/group in release notes generator (#1078)

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