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What's Changed


  • 34c38370 resoto Remove SQLAlchemy dependency (#1270)


  • 06b4bdc6 docker Optimize swap space
  • 2d06999c docker Remove Jupyterlite venv cherry-picked from main
  • 59dc535b docker Refactor to use resotopython:1.0.2 (#1280)
  • 4aa83140 docker Rebase on resotopython base image and update to Node 16 actions (#1276)
  • 31e30eb9 digitalocean Bump boto


  • 02bf0f2c docker Backport workflow_dispatch logic to single image
  • 2173083c ci Update/tag respective stable version docs on tag (#1279)
  • 4c3d3bf5 resoto Bump 2.4.7
  • 6a88d496 resoto Bump 2.4.6
  • cf9db945 ci Update API docs CI (#1267)

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