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What's Changed


  • 84714244 resotocore AliasTenplate: use default args syntax instead of key/value (#1452)
  • 23e015c1 resotocore Bump UI to 3.2.2 (#1454)
  • 257d91e7 resoto no error handling in base resource class (#1449)
  • 48907b5f docker Add user requested text editors to base image (#1451)
  • 7c761e3d gcp collect child resources from GcpSqlDatabaseInstance and connect them (#1446)


  • 41826ed3 resotocore Fix pagerduty alert. (#1453)
  • 7d0c15d0 resotocore Fix datetime parsing in credentials report (#1455)
  • d67edbc8 plugins/aws Add new permissions for cloudformation stack listing (#1450)
  • 45c2e6f2 aws EFS Share is a network share not a volume (#1448)


  • 72811cb6 ci Write AWS policy JSON to repo (#1445)
  • a7ec1150 gcp Housekeeping (#1447)
  • c58b77d2 resoto Bump 3.2.2 (#1444)

Known Issues

Resoto UI

  • On macOS, opening a dashboard and adding a new world map widget results in a WebGL context crash, requiring to reload the browser tab. (The widget works as expected in Windows environments.)

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