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What's Changed


  • e86665ab resotocore Define a search via command line (#1526)
  • 165d46b3 resotocore Infrastructure apps - app manifest (#1525)
  • 6f65c14b resoto remove unreferenced nodes (#1522)
  • 1ebec4d2 resoto auto enablement of collector plugins (#1518)
  • 7731176c resotoworker Save files to home dir via config (#1520)
  • a4fbdb08 resotocore Compute derived properties in metadata section (#1517)


  • 6d148cc0 resotocore Retry with backoff on empty BadRequest (#1529)
  • b9fff137 resotocore Keep connections only for 5 seconds (#1527)
  • 831a03e2 gcp Ensure proper handling of region and zone for all resources (#1519)
  • b37504f5 resotocore Strip request specific headers and retry (#1524)



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