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Version: 3.6.5

Perform a benchmark on a graph.



Perform a benchmark with the given identifier on a graph with a given identifier.


Path Parameters

    benchmark stringrequired

    The name of the benchmark to perform

    Example: aws_cis_1.5
    graph_id stringrequired

    The id of the graph to perform this operation.

    Example: resoto

Query Parameters

    accounts string

    Comma separated list of account ids to include in the benchmark. If no value is given, all accounts are included.

    Example: 123456789012,123456789013


The checks result.

  • Array [
  • oneOf
    id string

    The identifier of this node.

    type string
    reported object
    kind string

    The kind of this node.

    property name* any
    desired object
    property name* any
    metadata object
    property name* any
  • ]

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