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Version: 3.2.6

Perform a dynamically assembled benchmark on a graph.

Perform a benchmark by defining the check criteria on a graph with a given identifier.

Path Parameters
  • graph_id string required

    The ID of the graph to check.

    Example: resoto
Query Parameters
  • provider string

    Filter by provider.

    Example: aws
  • service string

    Filter by service.

    Example: ec2
  • category string

    Filter by category.

    Example: security
  • kind string

    Filter by kind.

    Example: aws_ec2_instance
  • accounts string

    Comma separated list of account ids to include in the benchmark. If no value is given, all accounts are included.

    Example: 123456789012,123456789013

The checks result.

Schema array

  • id string

    The identifier of this node.

  • type string
  • reported object
  • kind string

    The kind of this node.

  • desired object
  • metadata object