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Version: 3.9.0

tagvalidator Plugin

This plugin validates the contents of expiration tags. With it you can enforce a max. expiration length for certain resources in an account. For instance you could have an org policy that says in our "dev" account compute instances are only allowed to exist for 2 days max. Then this plugin can ensure that the expiration tag on those instances is set to no more than 2 days. If it is set to e.g. 50h it would be corrected down to 48h.


In resh execute

> config edit resoto.worker

and find the following section

# Configuration for the plugin
# See for syntax details
expiration: '24h'
- 'aws_ec2_instance'
- 'aws_vpc'
- 'aws_cloudformation_stack'
- 'aws_elb'
- 'aws_alb'
- 'aws_alb_target_group'
- 'aws_eks_cluster'
- 'aws_eks_nodegroup'
- 'aws_ec2_nat_gateway'
name: 'eng-audit'
name: 'eng-devprod'
name: 'sales-lead-gen'
expiration: '12h'
name: 'sales-hosted-lead-gen'
expiration: '8d'
# Dry run
dry_run: false
# Enable plugin?
enabled: false

Structure of the config section

The config contains a default section with the expiration that should be used for all accounts by default. The kinds section contains the list of kinds that these expiration tag rules apply to. The accounts section contain the cloud ids followed by the account ids. Each account id must contain a name and optionally an expiration that overwrites the global default.

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