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Version: 3.9.0

Resoto Shell Lite


The Resoto Shell Lite is a version of the Resoto Shell that is accessible via the Resoto user interface in the browser. It gives you full access to all the commands you would be able to execute in the full Resoto Shell.

Using the button on the top left of the main menu bar, you can access a pop-up version of Resoto Shell Lite at any place in the UI. This is helpful to test commands or search queries while setting up a new Dashboard widget or getting more information about a certain node in Explore view.


Resoto UI Resh Lite

On the top part of the interface, you can add and close terminal tabs or switch between existing tabs. In the pop-up version of Resoto Shell lite, you will also find buttons to maximize the window or close the popup.

Placeholder Strings

You can find the full list of placeholder strings here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Resoto Shell Lite supports the most common Unix shell keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl + LClear the entire terminal but not the current line (redraw)
Ctrl + CCancel input for the current line
Ctrl + UClear from cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl + KClear from cursor to end of line
Ctrl + HClear one character to the left of the cursor (same as Backspace)
Ctrl + DClear one character to the right of the cursor
Esc + BackspaceClear one word to the left of the cursor
Esc + DClear one word to the right of the cursor
Alt + Jump to the beginning of the previous word
Alt + Jump to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl + AJump to start of line
Ctrl + EJump to end of line
Step backwards in history
Step forward in history

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